I Am Human

Humanity has a gnawing desire to understand and to be understood.

     I believe that life consists of  intangible beauties that are both inexplicable and indefinable, too complex to encompass in the languages of men. Yet, I feel a deep desire,  a burdensome yet exhilarating responsibility, to express these intangibles in tangible ways. I believe that it is when we stop trying to understand ourselves and the lives we live, that we become disenchanted by our world. I believe that if one seeks and yearns to see beauty, they will find it interwoven in the very fabrics and primitive hierarchies of their everyday lives. Like many aspiring young writers, I long to explain the inexplicable and define the undefinable. I want my words to be your words, his words, her words, and their words. More than just an organization of syllables, I want them to be a set of truths working harmoniously to express. I want my words, our words, to soothe the soul sometimes while chilling the bones. I want to capture the soul’s cries, but even more so I want to discover its almost-silent whispers.

If one person can identify with just one line of my writing then I consider every minute, every hour, every day I’ve spent poured over words a success. If for one moment, for one second in the grand scheme of time, I helped someone feel the kindrance of understanding, then I’ve done what every writer has ever sought to do.


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  1. I stumbled across your page on twitter by chance. Some of my followers must have liked your posts. I read some of your wordpress essays and the content is rich. You should listen to Jordan Peterson’s recent series of biblical lectures. A mind like yours would love them. His insight in psychology helped me reconcile many of the questions I had as a student of science who also believes strongly in the apostolic movement. I hope his knowledge will be of value to you in your academic endeavors. I know this seems random but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to just send this message. You have a large platform judging by your number of twitter followers. I feel like this is the type of information that someone like yourself can filter and disperse to a vast amount of apostolic young people. I am rambling but you get the idea.

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